Safety Management
Safety Management

3GS Inc. safety management is based on the Safety, Health and Environment System that are seamlessly integrated into every workers daily work activities. The implementation of said system involves four steps:


The first step in the implementation process involves breaking down the workload into smaller components so as to identify and assess all of the hazards pertaining to each individual work activity.

This step is required in order to fulfill each site requirements. Such requirements include proper training, procedures, and work instructions. This step also ensures that the appropriate safety equipment and provisions are provided for each work activity.


The following step involves communication and consultation between all parties of a given work activity so that every worker understands the HSE management System. This is often achieved through team meetings; suitable training and discussions open to all workers and employees on the subject of health and safety concerns. Communication is thus a key component in the practical implementation of our safety systems.


Once the implementation process is completed, a performance assessment is initiated to provide a quantitative measurement of overall progress. A range of tools are integrated into the safety management system such that every aspect of every work activity may be monitored for evaluation purposes. This process ultimately allows for future activities to be completed more efficiently in terms of time and workflow.


Improving our daily safety management system is an integral part of the system itself. Learning from our everyday work activities allows us to continuously refine and improve our safety system.